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... Using 4 Little Keywords In A Quickie Google Search
(In 6 Simple Steps)


Who would have known?

You can get just about any "at-cost" or paid Udemy course for absolutely no out-of-pocket cash on your part.

All it takes is a quickie search on Google using a few keywords.

Let me explain...

Let's say you're looking for a Udemy training on designing responsive websites using a modern flat design.

Well, there's a course for that! (see image in my post header).

Here's how I enrolled in that "at-cost" course for free...


Go to Google.com and in the search bar, type in the exact title of the course you want. In my example above, here's what I typed in:

Build a responsive website with a modern flat design


Now, in that same search (on the same line), type these 4 important keywords:

free udemy coupon code

The first part of your search tells Google that you want a specific course (or a very close alternative); the second part says you want a coupon code that will give you free access to it.


Click the magnifying glass or hit Enter on your keyboard to execute the search. You will then get a page of results you can look through. I got plenty of results. I'm listing just a few of the sites that were returned from my first page results here for you so that you can shave some time off your searches.

But please follow my step-by-step instructions and you will have greater success.

Free Udemy Course Coupon sites:

INSTRUCTIONS: Visit one of these sites to search for free (or deeply discounted) Udemy courses. If you don't find what you want, use the category listing to the right on many of the sites to look for courses. I'm sure you can find some really great courses using these resources in tandem with my instructions on this post or all by themselves. Enjoy!

You should get some pretty useful Google results on your first page. Choose one.

But if at first you don't succeed; try. Try again.

Go back to those Google search results and try another link. Eventually, you will find that course. Or a great alternative to what you were looking for.

It was the bestcouponhunter site that gave me the course I needed for free. And just so you know, my results included other free courses for building different kinds of sites. Unless you are interested in something else, it's best not to get distracted by all the other results. You can always come back and get those. Focus on what you want and you should find it.

Also, you want to ignore (not click on) anything with a tiny green Ad icon to the left of the website URL name. Those are sponsored (paid) ads ... you won't find what you're looking for there. So, ignore those distracting GoDaddy, Vistaprint and other company sites vying for your attention and you will find what you're really searching for sooner.


When you land on the site you selected from the results page, look for a button that reads GET IT HERE or some such description. Click the button and you should then see a familiar Udemy course screen with the title of the course you wanted. The coupon code will already have been applied and it should show FREE.

Again, if you don't see a button that reads GET IT HERE or ENROLL FOR FREE, etc., go back to your original Google search results and try another link. I try to read some of the results content before I click on it to weed out sites that could be a waste of my time.


Look for (and click) the ENROLL NOW green button to the right of the screen. A pop-up appears for you to enroll. Instead of enrolling, LOG IN (click the gray text link that reads: "Log In" near the bottom of the pop-up screen if you have an existing Udemy account). If you don't have a Udemy account, it goes without saying that you'll need to set one up or register there before you can do any of what I describe in this post.

When you complete the log-in process, you should see the course there. If not, there may be one more step for you to do. Click Add Course or follow any other instructions you need to for the course to populate into your account.


Finally, you will see a Welcome screen that reads:

"Great choice, (your Udemy account username)!"

and just under that, you will see the offer to get started with the course ... like I got here:


You're now ready to start the course if you like. Or log out and save it for another time.

If you're ready to go, then, just click the START COURSE button and your first video will begin.

So, this begs to question...

Will you be able to find any and every Udemy course for free?

Most likely not. Not all courses will have coupon codes that allow free or discounted pricing. That ... and coupon codes come and go. You very well may find one that no longer works. So keep that in mind.

Here's an example of what I mean...

Just today, I found this really old thread on BBHF for a Udemy course that I missed out on because I wasn't even on the forum back in 2013:

Magic Button :

That thread ends with a post requesting a re-up. I can't believe nobody mirrored that share!

Anyway, I used the same steps I described above to look for this course and while I did find it, it was a bit more of a challenge. In other words, I had to kiss a lot of frogs (links that led to discounted pricing only) so I haven't yet found my prince.

So, no. You won't find whatever Udemy course you seek. In my example, I believe because it is an older course, I won't do much better than find it deeply discounted. But I am still searching.

That course retails for $199.99 so at only $11.99; it's a no-brainer of a bargain at 90 percent off! It has 1,387 students enrolled and gets a 4.5 out of 5 star rating so it's got to be good.

But, I'm a Black-Hat girl --- I want it for free! And so the search continues. Or I may cave in and get it because it's such a bargain.

Still, it's great to know you don't have to pay 'at-cost' for many Udemy courses if you use this method.

If you can't find a coupon code, you can choose to wait it out and see if one eventually turns up.


If you want Udemy courses for free but don't know what's available (either free or at-cost) go to the site and play around. Look for courses in the categories you are interested in. Then, come back and do the Google search steps. Or you can do a Google search for Udemy + (whatever you are interested in) to see what pops up. Make a note of the titles that interest you ... and then come back and do your coupon code search.


Sometimes you may want to download one of your Udemy courses. To do that, you'll need a download utility --- not just any one. You need one with speed, efficiency and great features.

If you have Internet Download Manager (IDM) and have it properly integrated with your browser of choice, you'll have a match made in virtual heaven.

Here's why:

IDM has this cool feature. Once you click on a video to play it, a little icon pops up that offers to download the video for you. It's almost hands-off in that if you want to download the video, just click the button and it seamlessly grabs the content. You can send it wherever on your computer or external hard drive you want to. If you don't want to download the course video, then you can simply ignore the little icon (it's not obtrusive or otherwise distracting so that's easy to do) or simply drag it with your cursor out of the way to another part of the screen.

I know some people here like IDM; I do, too. Others prefer JDownloader or another utility. I, personally, have not been able to find a download for JDownloader that isn't infected so for now, it's IDM for me. And I recommend it because it's quick and efficient. I've suffered a glitch or two with it over time but nothing that wasn't resolved by just re-installing it.

So, that's my share! You now have the steps (and keywords) for finding a lot of "at-cost" Udemy trainings for zero cash invested.

I hope you'll find this post helpful. Let us know if you're having success with this simple (but powerful) search method.

Ciao --- for now!

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