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I saw this so thought I would post it for future reference

[GET] Method - Increase ClickBank sales from ** anywhere **; Anywhere you can link to an external image (e.g. Blogs / Forums / Guestbooks) you can quietly drop your ClickBank cookie.

Warning - This method can be as whitehat or blackhat as you wish to make it and could get your ClickBank account banned - you have been warned!!!

This is a simple method that allows you to exponentially increase your ClickBank sales by simply linking to an external image.

This method can be used to place your ClickBank cookie on forums / blogs / guestbooks - essentially anywhere.

Also, this method also offers the following "safety" features:

* A cookie will ** not ** be placed for any Search Engine bots
* A cookie will only be placed on a user’s computer once every five days (Even if the person clears their cookies and revisits the page a new cookie will not be dropped)
* Cookies will only be placed randomly e.g. Only one in three out of ten people will have a cookie dropped

Why would you want to do this?

** Some ClickBank merchants might be removing your cookie and replacing it with their own via pop-up windows when a person leaves the site robbing you of a commission
** PPV companies have people bidding on your page via PPV networks so when a person visits your page a PPV popup appears and swaps your cookie for someone elses
** You have created a nice landing page, done all the necessary SEO to rank in Google and after doing all the hardwork a person does not click through to the sales page but opens a new window
** You are a Blackhatter who does not care and wants to drop cookies everwhere....

Go here and signup

You only need to enter:
Your email address
Clickbank username/ account name
Create a password

Once you have signed up you will be given a new GUID which will be displayed when you login here

it should look like a bunch of numbers and letters

Step 2

Go to this website and choose a product that you want to promote from the list of products and from the url get the number of the product

e.g. Let’s say I wanted to promote this product here

Then I would get the number 295346 from the url above and write that down.

Step 3

Create the actual url that you are going to need to embed

Remember when you signed up for this page and got a new ID that looked something like 0c430f1g-b2ld-4236-1fab-e439hhlpre32

Take that ID and append the number of the product that you chose above to the end separated by a semi-colon (;)


Now place a .png on the very end – our example should now look like this


Now append that to one of these domains below and you have your url that you can embed

Our final example should look like this


Now you can embed the image into your blog / guestbook / forum

We recommend that you use TinyURL or some other URL shortener

For example create the new TinyURL link from the full link that you generated above
e.g. this


I see a broken image when I view my page – this is ok as you are not actually serving an image but a website behind the scenes
When I go to my link I see a blank page – Yes, this may happen as the cookie is placed only randomly for three out of ten people who visit the page.



interesting thanks gonna check it out.